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Welcome to Marc Rod's

This page will have links for home studio owners to manuals for gear we can't find copies of anymore. I got tired of trying to contact the manufacturers only to hear they've discontinued this or don't support that. If you have links you think would be useful on this page - email me the url and I'll slap it on.


Yamaha Synth Manuals  -   Korg 01/W Quickstart  -   Discontinued Digitech Manuals  -   Alesis Manuals

Classic CDR 200 CD recorder Deck  -   JL Cooper Nexus Manual  -   tx81z_patches  -   Ensoniq SQR Manual

Tascam 424 Four Track(original)  -   Roland VS840 Quickstart  -   Technics RSB17W cassette Deck Manual     Kenwood KRA-4010 Receiver Manual

Pioneer VSX3900s Receiver  -   Ensoniq SQ1 Manual  -   Older Synth Manuals  -   DBX 163x Compressor Manual     MOTU Midi Express PC Manual     Tascam 102 Cassette Manual wdgreenhill     roguemusic     sonicelectronic     mitatechs     Roland MC303    

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